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Linux Commands Index - Y

Below given are the list of Linux commands which starts with Y. We have provided a breif description for each command. To know more about each command and its usage try the following.

man command-name

man ypbind


List of all Linux Commands Under Index - Y


Index - Y

yacc (1p) - yet another compiler compiler (DEVELOPMENT)

yes (1) - output a string repeatedly until killed

ypbind (8) - NIS binding process
ypbind (rpm) - The NIS daemon which binds NIS clients to an NIS domain.

ypcat (1) - print values of all keys in a NIS database

ypmatch (1) - print the values of one or more keys from a NIS map

yppasswd (1) - change your password in the NIS database

yppoll (8) - return version and master server of a NIS map

ypset (8) - bind ypbind to a particular NIS server

yptest (8) - test NIS configuration

ypwhich (1) - return name of NIS server or map master


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