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Linux Commands Index - K

Below given are the list of Linux commands which starts with K. We have provided a breif description for each command. To know more about each command and its usage try the following.

man command-name

man kill


List of all Linux Commands Under Index - K


Index - K

kbd_mode (1) - report or set the keyboard mode

kbdrate (8) - reset the keyboard repeat rate and delay time

kill (1) - terminate a process
kill (1p) - terminate or signal processes
kill (2) - send signal to a process
kill (3p) - send a signal to a process or a group of processes
kill [builtins] (1) - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)

killall (1) - kill processes by name

klogd (8) - Kernel Log Daemon

kudzu (8) - detects and configures new and/or changed hardware on a system
kudzu (rpm) - The CentOS hardware probing tool.


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