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Linux Commands Index - P

Below given are the list of Linux commands which starts with P. We have provided a breif description for each command. To know more about each command and its usage try the following.

man command-name

man pwd


List of all Linux Commands Under Index - P


Index - P

passwd (1) - update a user's authentication tokens(s)
passwd (5) - password file
passwd (rpm) - The passwd utility for setting/changing passwords using PAM
passwd [sslpasswd] (1ssl) - compute password hashes

paste (1) - merge lines of files
paste (1p) - merge corresponding or subsequent lines of files

patch (1) - apply a diff file to an original
patch (1p) - apply changes to files
patch (rpm) - The GNU patch command, for modifying/upgrading files.

pathchk (1) - check whether file names are valid or portable
pathchk (1p) - check pathnames

perl (1) - Practical Extraction and Report Language
perl (rpm) - The Perl programming language
perl-Archive-Tar (rpm) - A module for Perl manipulation of .tar files
perl-Compress-Zlib (rpm) - A module providing Perl interfaces to the zlib compression library.
perl-Digest-HMAC (rpm) - Digest-HMAC Perl module
perl-Digest-SHA1 (rpm) - Digest-SHA1 Perl module
perl-HTML-Parser (rpm) - Perl module for parsing HTML
perl-HTML-Tagset (rpm) - HTML::Tagset - data tables useful in parsing HTML
perl-IO-Socket-INET6 (rpm) - Perl Object interface for AF_INET|AF_INET6 domain sockets
perl-IO-Socket-SSL (rpm) - Perl library for transparent SSL
perl-IO-Zlib (rpm) - Perl IO:: style interface to Compress::Zlib
perl-Net-DNS (rpm) - DNS resolver modules for Perl
perl-Net-IP (rpm) - Perl module for manipulation of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
perl-Net-SSLeay (rpm) - Perl extension for using OpenSSL
perl-Socket6 (rpm) - IPv6 related part of the C socket.h defines and structure manipulators
perl-String-CRC32 (rpm) - Perl interface for cyclic redundency check generation

ping (8) - send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts

pinky (1) - lightweight finger

pmap (1) - report memory map of a process

portmap (8) - DARPA port to RPC program number mapper
portmap (rpm) - A program which manages RPC connections.

poweroff [halt] (8) - stop the system

pppd (8) - Point-to-Point Protocol Daemon

pr (1) - convert text files for printing
pr (1p) - print files

praliases (8) - display system mail aliases

printenv (1) - print all or part of environment

printf (1) - format and print data
printf (1p) - write formatted output
printf (3) - formatted output conversion
printf (3p) - print formatted output
printf [builtins] (1) - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)

ps (1) - report a snapshot of the current processes
ps (1p) - report process status

ptx (1) - produce a permuted index of file contents

pwck (8) - verify integrity of password files

pwconv (8) - convert to and from shadow passwords and groups

pwd (1) - print name of current/working directory
pwd (1p) - return working directory name
pwd [builtins] (1) - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
pwd.h [pwd] (0p) - password structure

python (1) - an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
python (rpm) - An interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language.
python-elementtree (rpm) - Fast XML parser and writer
python-numeric (rpm) - Numerical Extension to Python
python-sqlite (rpm) - Python bindings for sqlite.
python-urlgrabber (rpm) - A high-level cross-protocol url-grabber


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