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Linux Commands Index - C

Below given are the list of Linux commands which starts with C. We have provided a breif description for each command. To know more about each command and its usage try the following.

man command-name

man cal


List of all Linux Commands Under Index - C


Index - C

c++filt (1) - Demangle C++ and Java symbols

cal (1) - displays a calendar
cal (1p) - print a calendar

cat (1) - concatenate files and print on the standard output
cat (1p) - concatenate and print files

cdda2wav (1) - a sampling utility that dumps CD audio data into wav sound files
cdda2wav (rpm) - A utility for sampling/copying .wav files from digital audio CDs.

cdparanoia (rpm) - A Compact Disc Digital Audio (CDDA) extraction tool (or ripper).

cdparanoia-libs (rpm) - Libraries for libcdda_paranoia (Paranoia III).

cdrdao (1) - writes audio CD-Rs in disc-at-once mode
cdrdao (rpm) - Writes audio CD-Rs in disk-at-once (DAO) mode.

cdrecord (1) - record audio or data Compact Disks or Digital Versatile Disks from a master
cdrecord (rpm) - A command line CD/DVD recording program.

chage (1) - change user password expiry information

chattr (1) - change file attributes on a Linux second extended file system

chfn (1) - change your finger information

chgrp (1) - change group ownership
chgrp (1p) - change the file group ownership

chkconfig (8) - updates and queries runlevel information for system services
chkconfig (rpm) - A system tool for maintaining the /etc/rc*.d hierarchy.

chmod (1) - change file access permissions
chmod (1p) - change the file modes
chmod (2) - change permissions of a file
chmod (3p) - change mode of a file

chown (1) - change file owner and group
chown (1p) - change the file ownership
chown (2) - change ownership of a file
chown (3p) - change owner and group of a file

chpasswd (8) - update passwords in batch mode

chroot (1) - run command or interactive shell with special root directory
chroot (2) - change root directory

chrt (1) - manipulate real-time attributes of a process

chsh (1) - change your login shell

chvt (1) - change foreground virtual terminal

cksum (1) - checksum and count the bytes in a file
cksum (1p) - write file checksums and sizes

clear (1) - clear the terminal screen

cmp (1) - compare two files
cmp (1p) - compare two files

col (1) - filter reverse line feeds from input

colcrt (1) - filter nroff output for CRT previewing

colrm (1) - remove columns from a file

column (1) - columnate lists
comm (1) - compare two sorted files line by line
comm (1p) - select or reject lines common to two files

Compress::Zlib (3pm) - Interface to zlib compression library

cp (1) - copy files and directories
cp (1p) - copy files

cpio (1) - copy files to and from archives
cpio (rpm) - A GNU archiving program.
cpio.h [cpio] (0p) - cpio archive values

cpp (1) - The C Preprocessor
cpp (rpm) - The C Preprocessor.

crontab (1) - maintain crontab files for individual users (ISC Cron V4.1)
crontab (1p) - schedule periodic background work
crontab (5) - tables for driving cron (ISC Cron V4.1)

csplit (1) - split a file into sections determined by context lines
csplit (1p) - split files based on context

ctags (1p) - create a tags file (DEVELOPMENT, FORTRAN)

cupsd (8) - common unix printing system daemon
cupsd.conf [cupsd] (5) - server configuration file for cups

cut (1) - remove sections from each line of files
cut (1p) - cut out selected fields of each line of a file


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