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Shell Scripting Tutorial

This tutorial will guide you to learn the basics of shell scripting and help you to develop useful shell scripts. First lets learn what is Linux shell and what is a shell script?


Introduction to Linux Shell Scripting


What is a Linux Shell?

Shell is an environment or a user program for interacting with the Operating System. It is not a part of kernel, but uses the system kernel to execute programs, etc.

What is a Shell Script?

Shell accept command from you (via keyboard) and execute them. But there will be a situation where you will need to use the same set of commands one by one. In such situations you can store these commands in a text file and then execute this text file instead of entering the commands one by one. Such files can be referred as Shell scripts.

The main reasons why to Write Shell Script ?
1. Shell script can take input from user, file and output them on screen.
2. Write to a file.
3. Save lots of time.
4. To automate some day to day tasks.
5. Automate some System Administration task.


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