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Shell Strings

Strings are scalar and there is no limit to the size of a string.
Any characters, symbols, or words can be used to make up your string.


Strings in Linux Shell Scripting


How to define a string?
We use single or double quotations to define a string.
"Double Quotes" - Anything enclose in double quotes removed meaning of that characters (except \ and $).
'Single quotes' - Enclosed in single quotes remains unchanged.
`Back quote` - To execute command


single='Single quoted'
double="Double quoted"
echo $single
echo $double

Save the above example script as
chmod 755

String Formatting

Character Description
-n Do not output the trailing new line.
-e Enable interpretation of the following backslash escaped characters in the strings:
\a alert (bell)
\b backspace
\c suppress trailing new line
\n new line
\r carriage return
\t horizontal tab
\\ backslash


echo -e "Hello \t Welcome to Linux Shell Scripting"

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