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Oscommerce Template

What is an Oscommerce Template?
An Oscommerce template is a ready-made design for Oscommerce. It is used to design website using oscommerce features. You will get all the source files needed to edit the template. Oscommerce is an Open Source online e-commerce solution that is available for free under the GNU General Public License. It allows store owners to run and maintain their online store with less effort and cost. Oscommerce includes PHP and MySQL database server.


Editing Oscommerce Templates


How to install an Oscommerce template

You will get a Zip file when you download the template. Unzip it and save it on your computer. You will get a folder with the template name. Rename it as "Shop" or "OnlineShop". Then copy this folder to your root directory of your webserver. Now you can install it from your browser. Type "http:// domain-name/shop/" in your browser. The install process begins. Click "Install". Select both "Import Catalogue Database" and "Automatic Configuration" and press Continue. You need to add the following details.

Database Server – your database server address
Username – the user who has rights to create and change databases
Password – password of the user
Database Name – the name of your Oscommerce database
Session Storage – keep sessions' values

After filling the details press "Continue". Oscommerce will process the test connection with the database server and you will get the results. If Oscommerce fails to process the connection, then contact your administrator to check server settings. Then press "Continue now" and soon all the values will be added to the database. Now you can check the Oscommerce configuration settings. After checking the settings press "Continue".

press "Continue" to finish the installation.

Now you can check your online shop. You will see few notifications at the top. To avoid this and for better functioning follow the steps below.
1. delete the catalogue install from "your domain/shop" folder
2. mark "domain/shop/includes/configure.php" file as read only.

To make changes to your on-line shop, type "http://domain/shop/admin/" on your browser. For better security rename the folder "admin" with your secret name and access it accordingly from the browser.

How to edit the images in Oscommerce template

You will find the PSD file in the "Source" folder of the template. Open the PSD file in photoshop, edit the needed images and text and save the images. Update the new images to the main "Images" folder of the template using the same name. Copy these images to the same location on your web server. The new images have now been updated to your website. Now you can refresh your website, you will find the new images loaded on your website.


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