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SeqAnalyser - Open Source BioPerl Software

What is SeqAnalyser?
SeqAnalyser is an open source bio perl software. It is used to Analyse both DNA and PROTIEN sequence.


Free Open Source Perl software for Bioinformatics


Functions of SeqAnalyser?

  • PROTIEN Sequence Analysis
  • DNA Sequence Analysis
  • FORMAT Convertion
  • Convert DNA to PROTIEN
  • PAIRWISE Alignment

Sub Functions

  • PROTIEN Sequence Analysis
  • Getting Protien Structure
  • Search for Mottifs
  • DNA Sequence Analysis
  • Convert DNA to RNA
  • Convert RNA to DNA
  • Mutation of DNA
  • Frequency of NUCLIOTIDE
  • Reverse the DNA
  • Search for Mottifs
  • Reverse Compliment of DNA

FORMAT Convertion

  • Convert RAW Format Sequence
  • Convert FASTA Format Sequence
  • Convert GENBANK Format Sequence
  • Convert EMBL Format Sequence
  • Convert GCG Format Sequence

You can convert any of these format sequence file from one format to another

SeqAnalyser Download Procedure

Before you download our Software "SeqAnalyser" you need to download and install Perl and Bioperl.

Perl - Download Perl

After Downloading Install perl to your C:\ Drive

BioPerl - Download BioPerl

You get the zip file of BioPerl. Unzip it, Copy the contents inside the main folder and paste it in your perl\lib directory.

Now you may Download SeqAnalyser.

Download SeqAnalyser

If you have any issue Downloading SeqAnalyser, Please contact us.


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