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A web browser reads an HTML document top to bottom, left to right.
The tags are impotent in HTML as it signals the browser to display it accordingly.
Tags have 3 major parts:

  • opening tag
  • content(s)
  • closing tag

About HTML Tags


There are lots of tags in HTML. There are tags for headers, tables, forms, images, paragraphs etc. The tags should be lower-case letters.

Below given are few example tags.

<body>Body Tag (acts as a content shell)
<p>Paragraph Tag</p>
<h2>Heading Tag</h2>
<b>Bold Tag</b>
<i>Italic Tag</i>

Tags Without Closing Tags

There are few tags that do not require the closing tag.
Some of them include the line break tag, image tag, input tag etc.


<input type="text" size="10" /> -- Input Tag
<img src="image.jpg" /> -- Image Tag
<br /> -- Line Break Tag

As these tags do not have any contents, they do not require the closing tag.


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