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What is Data Security?


To send data's online securely use the technique cryptography. This technique involves encryption and decryption. The data is converted to symbols and weired character's and send. The receiver should convert the encrypted file to readable format.


How to keep your data's online secure


Why to encrypt data?

It is possible for an eavesdropper (one who listen to a private conversation) to access the files and read the contents in it. If we encrypt the file it will not be in a readable format.

What can I encrypt?
You can use it to encrypt your e-mail that prevents people from reading it in transit. You can use it to protect the entire contents of your hard disk.

How does cryptography works?
You use a program to encrypt it; the program will change the letters into symbols and other weird characters, so when someone opens the file they cannot read it. The receiver should have the program to decrypt it. The program will decrypt the file and allow the receiver to read it.

Can an other person having a decryption program read my encrypted file?
NO. For each encryption program there has to be a decryption program. The decryption program will simply do the opposite work done by encryption. Any one with programming skill can develop an encription file.
eg; In your encription program if you convert letter "a" to "z", the decription program will convert the letter "z" to "a" and make the whole document readable, so the unknown person will not know the encrypted format.


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