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What is Ruby on Rails Hosting?

Ruby on Rails is a web application framework written in Ruby. Ruby on Rails is now widely used to develop robust web applications. Rails frameworks runs both on windows and linux servers. Hosting Rails applications on such servers is know as Ruby on Rails Hosting.


Ruby on Rails web hosting


Advantages of using Ruby on Rails:

1. Requires less lines of code
2. Save lots of time
3. It uses the MVC ( Model - View - Controller ) Architecture, so its easy to handle
4. Can integrate AJAX functions
5. Easy to develop database-driven application
6. Neat code and can get the work done faster
7. It uses object-oriented programming
8. Can add plugins to your application in future

The main features you need to look for hosting Ruby on Rails:

In addition to the normal features provided by web hosting company, you should look for the following.

1. Shell access ( SSH )
You will need SSH access, to get to the command prompt and run certain application.

2. Latest versions of both Ruby and Rails
You should make sure that your hosting company updates both Ruby and Rails version regularly.

3. PostgreSQL and SQLite Databases
Mysql is provided by all web hosts. It will be good if your hosting company provide PostgreSQL and SQLite along with Mysql Database.

4. Gems
Check for the Pre-installed Gems on the server.

5. Subversion and Trac
Check if Subversion and Trac is installed on the server.

6. Rails support
The support staff should know rails and should be able to help you with your queries.


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