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What is an MX Record?


MX (Mail Exchange) record is part of the zone file and is used to specify which mail server should process email for a specific domain.


How to point your domain mails ( MX record ) to Google or MSN


Guide to point your domain mails ( MX record ) to Google or MSN

In the recent times Google and MSN have come up with custom email hosting on there servers. It seems to be a blessing for webmasters who has low disk space on there accounts. By pointing the MX record to Google or MSN, each domain can save lots of server space and also get rid of SPAM emails from the inbox. This feature also allows users to access there custom email from anywhere. Each users can login securely on Google or MSN interface and access the emails.

How to point your domain MX to Google / MSN servers.

Google Apps -
MSN Apps -

Sign up with Google / MSN Apps.
Verify your domain.
They will provide a set of MX records for your domain.
You will have to login to your domain control panel and modify the MX record.
Make sure you remove all the existing MX record entries, before you add the
new ones.
Save the MX record entries.

You are done!

Now you can add a CNAME for your domain, so that while accessing, the browser will be automatically redirected to Google
or MSN interface

Example: 0  IN      CNAME

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